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Made for special forces operating in high-risk urban areas, ArmyWatch is designed to withstand violent impacts and to have the situation under control at all times.

ArmyWatch is in fact the only waterproof and indestructible military-derived watch available on the market.

He is immediately recognised for his elegant and solid design as an officer and gentleman

Built for extreme situations, but you can always wear it: at work, with friends or on gallant occasions, to always show off a fearless and safe charm.

Here's why ArmyWatch is worldwide best selling record:

ArmyWatch was designed by an interforce team led by Switzerland and the United States to develop advanced equipment: American technology with the highest Swiss quality

✔️ INDESTRUCTIBLE and resistant to shocks and falls. Perfect for winning any urban challenge.

✔️ WATERPROOF to water and dust and sand infiltration. Resistant up to 30 meters deep

✔️ STURDY and elegant DESIGN: suitable for all missions of your day, with a confident and decisive look

✔️ MULTI FUNCTION with dual analogue and digital mode. With back-light for perfect visibility even at night

Unbreakable glass, tempered with 4th generation Corning® Gorilla Glass technology
Anti-glare technology

Forged stainless steel case shockproof and anti-corrosion

Stopwatch, speedometer and countdown timer

Alarm clock and calendar

ArmyWatch communicates Safety, Style and Success

Wear ArmyWatch during business meetings to impress colleagues and customers.
Make every gallant date perfect. Improve your sport records.

ArmyWatch is perfect for:

Extreme missions
Supreme endurance to overcome the challenges of every day, and achieve every goal

Important events
In business, at work and in love: conquer everyone with confident and decisive charm

Sports and gym
When you swim or train in the gym, precision and reliability make the difference

Travel and excursions
On your travels and on your outdoor adventures: ArmyWatch is always ready to help you

Supreme performance
ArmyWatch combines Strength, Endurance and Style

Stainless steel case
Forged case in shockproof and anti-corrosion stainless steel

Night vision
Perfectly visible even at night thanks to the backlight

It resists water and sand and dust infiltrations. Resistant up to 30 meters deep

That's why men choose ArmyWatch

Suitable for all occasions: Elegant fashionable but also strong and Indestructible
Many functions: calendar, alarm clock, speedometer, digital and analogue time
Military technology and materials High quality tested to resist and last over time
Supreme resistance: anti-impact, anti-scratch, anti-corrosion and impermeable to water and dust

  • Quick and simple to use
  • Instruction manual included

Discover military-derived ArmyWatch technology

ArmyWatch features:

analog or digital, for maximum convenience

and countdown, to measure your progress

to always know the day, month and year

Wake Up
You can set the alarm clock to your liking

Tested quality
Built with 100% high quality materials

Night vision
You can see your watch when there is no light

Military standard
Really used by American special forces

Resistant up to 30 meters deep in water

Unbreakable glass with fourth generation Gorilla Glass® technology. Resistant to scratches, bumps and accidental drops

IP68 treatment and assembly. Waterproof and resistant up to 30 meters of underwater depth

Military Grade
ArmyWatch is made with US military technology in the most advanced Swiss laboratories. In use by the American armed forces

    Stealth Black
    Dark Brown