The following payment options are available:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Your order will be processed as soon as the purchasing bank has accepted the payment. The card data is encrypted according to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and never transmitted in a readable format over the network. The payment is completed directly by the bank. Urbanized does not have access to your card data and does not store it on its servers. That's why you need to re-enter your details each time you make a new purchase through our website. If you have any problems processing a transaction, you can contact our customer service by writing to we will help you understand what went wrong.

At no time during the purchase process is Urbanized able to know the information about the buyer's credit card, transmitted via secure connection directly to the website of the bank that manages the transaction. Urbanized does not retain or have access to your credit card information.

To ensure the safety of online shopping, Urbanized has integrated fraud prevention tools into its online payment process. Each transaction is analyzed for possible fraud indicators, to ensure the identification of the cardholder and protect you from fraud. Urbanized reserves the right to verify the validity of all payments before processing an order, for example by requesting identity documents or verifying the address. All the information you provide us with will be considered confidential and destroyed once the payment has been verified.

Good shopping!